Developing Fashion Entrepreneurship & Supporting Small Businesses

About Us


Petra Fashion is a project run by Caramel Rock celebrating the creativity of emerging designers within the fashion industry. Petra Fashion runs a pop up shop. The project is set out to work with 10 designers on a monthly bases in order to give aspiring or established designers the chance to trade and sell their creative products from garments to shoes as well as accessories to name a few.  Petra Fashion also supports brands with distibution, retailers and buyers in order to expand your business and make sales of your products.


Caramel Rock is committed to developing the next generation by giving people the opportunity to access resources, courses, opportunities and gain experience and trading opportunities. We aim to advance education and job opportunities for people aiming to develop their access into the fashion industry.

What does Petra Fashion entail?


Setting up and preparing for the different forms of contractual agreements between designers and manufacturers.  |  Sourcing manufactures  |  Selling your products in our pop up shop  |  Advice on costing production  |  Market positioning workshops  |  Getting buyers attention  |  Business Planning and budgeting workshops  |  How to make a profit  |  Creating demands and meeting needs  |  Having an effective online presence  |  Basic Money Management  |  Skills Development  |  Getting buyers’ attention

This programme has potential to not only build on your industry partnerships and contacts through us as a satellite but also increase on your industry engagement and success rate. We are also able to support in connecting with industry professionals for number of events you may hold throughout the year, as well as connecting with relevant industry buyers. We are able to support with securing funding to attend trade shows for your brand. You will also have the chance to sell and your products at our pop up shop.

Petra Fashion

Developing Fashion Entrepreneurship
& Supporting Small Brands.


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